Never worry about losing track of your golf ball again!

That is why we created the bball golf ball. It’s the smartest way to play. With the bball you’ll play faster, score better, and save balls!

What others say.

I think this ball will be very useful for Irish winter golf. Where you have soft ground causing balls to plug also with low winter sun it’s impossible to see where your ball ended up. Plus it could eliminate slow play on the golf course.

Sean Charlie

This is the ball for me. I lost 80+ balls last season, and I am not!

Steve Golfer

Compared to a normal ball

Today (2021) the bball is a 2-piece ball. Compared to a normal ball, a bball has the same weight, the same dimensions, the same swing feel, but it has added value, it is a smart ball. Daniel Krašovec, bball team, CEO.

Powerful chips

The high-end technology in your BBall will connect with the App you previously downloaded on your smart device. Once you hit the ball, the App starts tracking it. When it hits the ground, all you need to do is come within 50m from the ball and precise location will be sent to your phone.
Then all you must do is, to go to the location and collect your ball.

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